Tuesday, January 13, 2009

owen is in his mama's arms!

Check out sweet OWEN!


Jenna said...

Is that a picture of a miracle or WHAT? I couldn't stop crying! :)

Andrea said...

Yes! We all need to thank the Kleenex Company for getting us through the day!
I got your email, Sista.SOOO sweet!
I am going to print all of them(YEAH! emails) off an put them in his book.
I am going to write everyone back in the am. Today is riding day and I get NOTHING done on these days.
GYM class looks like FUN!!!!!!Maybe THAT's what you need.....a trampoline!!!!!
The pictures are wonderful,too.
I am going to break down and buy a good camera...The peer pressure from you guys is about to get to me.;)

I love you,