Wednesday, January 14, 2009

nose growth?

do little boys' noses have overnight growth spurts? M's nose looks bigger...perhaps the bridge, but he hasn't hit it this morning at all.

p.s. i'm ridding my house of all burnt pot at a time.

p.s.X2 fat brain toys. check out the site...sorry i'm not linking it, no time right now.

hope everyone is having a great wednesday!!!!!


Tami said...

If you don't think he hit it....the first thing that came to mind was to look and make sure M didn't shove anything up there....oh joy!

Love FatBrain toys....I ordered some things through them for the first time for Christmas....they were wonderful and shipped quick. Would definitely use them again.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's swollen due to sinus issues?? Just a guess...I'd need photo-evidence of said swelling to really diagnose. ;0)

Jon and Em said...

did he tell a lie? kate will tell me something that's not true and then immediately ask, "did my nose just get bigger?"! it's hilarious. reminds me of the little boy on "different strokes".