Friday, January 2, 2009

afternoon walk

M and I went for a walk today! I think the temp was in the high 50s, so it was warm and sunny...just the way we like our winter weather!

Even though I just posted about post processing, I am happy to say that I did not edit any of these photos at all! Thankfully, they came out much better than that overexposed bunch I posted awhile back.

As usual, M isn't smiling in the photos. I was lucky to get him to look in my direction! He actually did have a great time...playing and laughing...but he would turn it off the moment he heard my autofocus beep!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


The Family K. said...

Lovely pictures. You have a keen photographic eye.

Lisa said...


He looks so peaceful and reflective in those pics. AND it goes without saying that he looks ADORABLE!! What a nice way to spend the day!!

OH, I'm also a bit behind: I spotted your post about car toys: Munchkin makes laminated flash cards for toddlers that come on a handy little handle/ring for attachment. Lauren loved these and when we tired of 'em, I cut out magazine pics. of animals, peoples, nature, etc., laminated them and attached them to a binder ring, then attached it right onto her seat. This way you can tailor the flashcards to their interests too.

I also kept special books & c.d.'s that were "car only". It kept them fresher I suppose. Lauren loved those books and our car is still jammed with books now!

I hope this helps!

And hope you have a grand weekend too!!

Kimi said...

great pics my friend, as always! you have a great weekend too.


Mom To Six said...

Your pictures are amazing, and your subject is just precious!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

Wow! Wonderful pictures :) and he is just beautiful :) Wanna come and take some shots of Noah and I? WOW! How old is M???

Noah's mama

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Great shots. What an interesting place you live. Love the background scenery. I wish S and I could stroll with you!

Michelle said...

Hi there! Your son is So handsome! I love the pictures you take and am very impressed. I use just a point and shoot Canon and am interested in learning more about better photography. What kind of camera do you use? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dude these are some awesome SOOC shots! And I love that M doesn't smile. I mean you rarely see models smiling. It's like Tyra says, "smile with your eyes!" He's got it down!

Michelle said...

Wowza Tish, great unedited pictures. It looks like you had that sunlight that you know I love so much. Your camera just soaked it in. You do have an eye for interesting composition. Longing for the day we can go take pictures together.

dan and rachel said...

great photos! we were just commenting yesterday about how much we love our warm winters!!!!

taiwanbaby said...

it's something about the tilt of his eyebrows that makes him look mischievious all the time.


Jon and Em said...

great pics, but how can they not be with matthew as cute as he is!?!

Colleen said...

The picture are beautiful and your subject is adorable!! You are an amazing photographer. I have so much to learn..I love taking pictures but it doesn't come naturally for me.