Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Photoshoot!

Recently Kari asked if I would take some photos of the M family as a Father's Day present. I was thrilled and honored that she asked! It was an absolute pleasure spending the afternoon with her and the kids taking a few (like 400 or so!) photos!

Kari brought her relative's Nikon D80, and it was my first time really using a digital SLR. It was difficult at first to get used to the viewfinder...and neither one of us knew how to change the settings on the camera...but we went with the flow and, hopefully, got some shots that put a smile on Daddy M's face!

The most amazing thing in looking at the photos afterwards was seeing each child's personality shine through so clearly! They are truly wonderful kids!

There were a few moments of chaos:

And meltdown:

And many moments of true beauty:


marbsfamily said...

Thank you so much, Tish, this was the best Father's day gift I could have imagined. And you have quite an eye. Hopefully we'll have our own D80 soon so that we can take pictures of your family too.


Tami said...

Awesome photos Tish! You captured some precious and funny moments;-).

Andrea said...


Love the black and white!


Jenna said...

Darn- why don't you live near me? Those pictures came out AWESOME!!! You are a great photographer. I have got to learn some tricks- my pictures are so ......generic! :) Nice job!!

Rebecca said...

VERY nice photos girlfriend!!!! You definitely have a gift. I wish you lived closer too, but more so we could hang out and just "chill". Hahahaha. :) Looks like a fun shoot!

Hugs & love,

Lynn said...

Great pics!