Wednesday, June 18, 2008

in love....

Today I am in love with many things...including my oh-so-gracious husband and the little dictator who runs our house, of course!

I'm in love with
- doctors who truly care about their patients

- young adults who are not caught up with worldly things but instead live passionately for God (more about this to come!)

- meeting new people face to face. M and I ate lunch in a super busy cafe and got to sit with 5 strangers as we shared a 6-top. I have loved making friends through blogging, but how awesome it was to have real-time conversation with new people. As a SAH mom, it is soooo easy to get sucked into your little world (just ask Scott!), so to hear about the lives of others was fantastic. And I didn't talk about diapers or sleep once...NOT ONCE!

- the fact that I have a camera and can document the adorable smiles of my boy. One day I'd like to take family photos for families those who cannot afford such a luxury.

That's not all, of course, but for the sake of blog real estate, it's all for now.

The following slideshows photos are of 1.) M cracking up because he accidentally dropped his quarter down his pants leg and 2.) our trip to the Botanical Gardens/Aquarium. Our aquarium fave: jellyfish! M's faves of the day: sitting by a little boy with his feet in the fountain, the butterfly pavilion, and strawberry dippin' dots.

The "made for the shade" shirt he has on was a gift from Rebecca & crew. It was totally appropriate for the day since we were dashing from shady spot to shady spot to endure the desert heat!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

We were just at our local botanical gardens today! Cute pics!

Rebecca said...

Oh I LOVE the jellyfish!!! We were at the Aquarium in New Orleans (my mom is from there) and the jellyfish were my favorite too!!!!!

I love the pic of M with the 'nanner on his face. :) So cute, & totally kissable! It was so fun to see him in the T-shirt.

Love you guys.


Tracy said...

He is getting so big. Better watch out, he will be as tall as you when he starts school. :)

Andrea said...

Sweet sweet post. Ain't Love Grand?!


Just Us said...

What great pics. Your botanical garden and acquarium rock...ours is sorry by comparison. For some reason I was noticing how big M is when seated in his carseat. Wow!! And those feet..what size does that little man wear : ). And I'm glad you said that about the quarter dropping down his pants b/c for a minute I was M is starting young in scratching himself there : )..just kidding. Kristie

Yvonne Crawford said...

what a sweetie!! I just love botanical gardens!!!