Sunday, June 8, 2008

All work and no play...well, a little play

The boys were working hard today. Matthew was quite busy washing his car, and Scott was up to his ears in dirt installing a sprinkler system so we can begin landscaping. Once the car was clean, M decided to help S for a while, so they talked "parts."

And me? I blew bubbles. Beautiful bubbles that looked like little rainbows floating around in the breeze.

M refused again to smile for the camera. And Scott is pretty much the same I sneakily used the zoom to snap one of him. I think it is the only frontal shot I been able to get of him in the past few years because he always turns his head!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

It is so cute that he washed his little car!

Tami said...

Wow, looks like you're doing some serious landscaping.....can't wait to see it's progression and the finished product.
M is all business, isn't he. I'm sure his car sparkled! Reminded me of when I used to give the boys a bucket of water and some wide paint brushes, and they went to town painting the driveway, rocks, the house etc.... definitely kept them busy for a bit. Looks like you live someplace really warm, so I'm not sure how long the "paint" would last, but it may be worth a try:-).

Yvonne Crawford said...

What a busy little boy washing his car. What a great idea. I think my kids need to do that!

Rebecca said...

Hey, we've been doing the exact same thing!!! Landscaping/playing in the dirt. Grant loves to help with his little sand shovel. He needs baths like twice a day lately!!!

I love the pictures of Mateo with his little car!!!!! So cute!!


Lynn said...

We've been doing that stuff too! We had a water gun/hose fight yesterday, Doug and I and al 3 kids!