Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1st time mama questions

Has anyone used one of these learning towers?

When do babies start using toothpaste?
What is the age for introducing peanut butter? I keep seeing different reports.
Baby Genius update...in a sense Matthew knows what letters are because we have the letter magnets on the fridge and, when we see different words, I will point out each letter, say the letter, and then say the word. Well, we were at the grocery store yesterday and, while I have never done this before, he pointed down to the cart handle which had the store's name imprinted on it and started using his finger to point at the letters while he made quick sounds. This kid cracks me up!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I am going to want one of those learning towers. So neat! I look forward to cooking with my kids.

Sophia is 7 months, and I started using a toddler fingertip toothbrush last week.

I've heard two years for peanut butter, but I am FAR from an expert.

Sherry said...

Matthew's such a smart cookie! I never have used the "learning tower" or have been told when to feed a kid peanut butter (although Kobi's already had it by mistake when he was 13 mo old & he didnt die) and I started using regular toothpaste (what I actually use) at 22 months but used the baby stuff since "gotcha day". Now do you know when a kid is allowed to eat honey & seafood?? As you can see I am so update to date with all the medical toddler info here. Hehehe!

Rebecca said...

That learning tower thing is cool. :) Never used it but it looks like fun.

We started doing the toddler toothpaste (the safe-to-swallow stuff) at maybe 18 months. They are old enough by then to get the concept of "open your mouth and leave it open and don't suck all the toothpaste off the toothbrush!!!" :)

I dunno about the p.b. I think we started Grant on it at about 18 months, but he doesn't eat a lot of it. 2 is probably safer.

I bet Matthew will be one of those kids who is reading by age 4. Little smarty pants.


Just Us said...

Don't know anything about the learning tower, but I must say it looks quite cool! I also don't know anything about the toothpaste or peanut butter. Sorry..but I do love the fact that Matthe is so smart!! That is totally impressive about pointing to the letters on the package and trying to say the letters. Watch out mamma..got yourself a little einstein on your hands : ). Kristie

kari said...

hey friend, went to the dr on friday and she said at a year you can start introducing peanut butter- in moderation. just watch for any rash,etc. we started brushing their teeth when they had more than one. they have training t-paste that is safe for little ones. it's in the same aisle as the adult t-paste. sorry today didn't work out- seth still has a fever, ugh.....

Yvonne Crawford said...

hey those learning towers seem neat.

Peanut butter, I heard 1 year, but someone else told me not to until they can spell it. We did it at 1.5years though with Callum since he wouldn't eat anything and we still kept it to a minimum. I think Mia more like 2 years.

Tooth paste - we used infant toothpaste from when they got teeth with the little finger scrubber. Then for 'real' toothpaste. Callum did it at 4 years old - he coudln't spit it out. Mia was around 2.5 as she could spit after watching callum so much. Don't forgot to floss and go to the dentist too. I dind't know you were supposed to floss them. So from 4 and 2 we've been flossing, but we should've been doing it earlier as Callum has a cavity between his front 2 teeth. So be really careful especially if his teeth touch. Okay off my soap box now! :0)

Kerry said...

Learning tower looks cool! I've never seen one before. My pediatrician said 2 years old before any peanut butter! I started using baby toothpaste (no flouride) when Holly got her first tooth. Supposed to use it until they can spit and not swallow toothpaste.

Honey is 1 year old. My ped. ok'd seafood at 1 year also, but that could vary by dr.

Tell me where I can get more info about the learning tower?


Shannon said...

hi there...

the mom on www.salsainchina.blogspot.com uses the learning tower for her twins. i've thought it looks cool - but i don't really have room for it. i've been using the old-fashioned stand-on-a-chair thing with ainsley.

as far as toothpaste goes, my dentist said you should start brushing as soon as they get one tooth....or at least use a wet washcloth to wipe them. we started griffin with a toothbrush and paste around 10 months, maybe? he got teeth early though. check out the toothpaste/brush aisle at target - they have the ages listed on the various products.

and, as far as pb - and honey - they say one year. i did wait til 1 year for honey, but i have given pb to griffin before 1 yr - but also b/c i knew we didn't have any family allergies, which you won't know with matthew. we gave ainsley pb from the start and she has been fine. matthew is in for a treat! :)

Jenna said...

I have seen the learning tower, and thought it was a great idea. Instead, we balance our kids precariously on a stool when they help us in the kitchen. I think the learning tower is better for sure. Let us know if you decide to go for it.

We did the toothpaste at about 18 months but used the non-flouride kind so they could swallow it.

As for PB, Sawyer we waited till he was two. I think that is the general rule, but with Chloe we didn't last. I think we started her at 18 months, and we've gone nearly broke on peanut butter ever since! I've had moms telling me not till 4 years old, but I think that is a bit much for us since we have no medical history of allergies on either side of our family.

Matthew is a smarty! :) He's hit that great age when you are going to see things you've been teaching him really connecting! 18 months to three years was my FAVORITE time because of that! Watching a child bloom before your eyes is the most amazing thing!!! Thanks for letting us watch Matthew as he blooms! :)

Tara said...

As I understand, the theory behind waiting on peanut butter is that they are less likely to develop an allergic reaction if the exposure is later in life. We waited until 3 years, and that was partly because my nephew almost died when my sister gave him peanut butter. Seriously. Thank goodness she didn't sit there and wait to see if he was going to be okay -- she drove him to the hospital in 7 minutes.

I thought the baby toothpaste had less stuff in it, so if they swallow it accidentally, it's better than swallowing real toothpaste. And I going to call the dentist now!