Thursday, June 19, 2008

can you hear me now?

if you were trying to call me this morning and couldn't get's because i was at the brink of insanity. there is no cell service there.

actually my toilet-dunked telephone is still experiencing post-traumatic symptoms and has taken a small time of respite and recovery.

my question for the day:
O sleep, sleep,
wherefore art thou sleep?

i've been meaning to post these photos because, well, they are a shining example of how uncool i am. i wanted to get some photobooth photos to redo my header. cute idea, right? well, M doesn't give a rip about cute headers. so both times i was sooooo busy trying to get him to smile/look at the camera/do anything cute that when it got to picture time, i freaked and could only think of kissing him or sticking my tongue out. real creative, huh? pressure...the pressure i'm tellin' you! not sure if you can see them, but here they are:


kari said...

you are the coolest mom i know!!!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Toilet dunked phone? Oh no!

You are super cool! Those photos are cute!

Tami said...

These photos are great...I love photobooth shots- they just seem so 'real'. Reminds me that I should pull some that John and I had done back when we first started dating( seems like a lifetime ago;-). Oh, I love the photo of you and your hubby on the side bar...just beautiful!

stefanie said...

so i take it thats another project to be worked on upon my arrival?

Tracy said...

HA! I just had a big outside laugh (I'm sure you heard it from the financial aid office to yours upstairs.)

This totally reminds me of the day we took off to spend shopping, getting my new glasses, and trying on prom dresses (even though we were in our 20s). I still have all the pictures from the day. Hmmm...maybe I should post a couple on here for you!

Love the pictures...they are so you!

taiwanbaby said...

i like the photo where his finger is in your mouth!!!


Rebecca said...

Oh, no, still having those sleep issues?? I wondered... did you get my email where I asked about it???? (Maybe the CRAB shirt was more appropriate for M than I initially thought!!!) :)

I love the photobooth pics and I think they are TOTALLY cool (and chill). Haha.


Yvonne Crawford said...

That's so sweet! and so fun!