Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Almost too much fun for one week!

Matthew's 1st trip to the pool - M seemed to like the pool. (I always have to say "seemed to like" because he is a serious little guy and often doesn't show emotion til we are home and talking about our adventures). His mission was to empty the entire contents of the wading pool using a measuring cup. It was serious business, and he was up to the challenge. He was working with such frenzy that, at one point, I repositioned myself between him and the lifeguard for fear of being thrown out of the pool for wasting water! There was a brief moment when M saw a boy kicking his legs that he laughed and tried to kick his legs, too...then it was back to work!

Matthew's 1st trip to the zoo - Even though we went at the hottest part of the day, this was one of the best zoo experiences I have had in regards to seeing active animals. We saw the elephant doing tricks, a baby chimp interacting with its mama, a fiesty polar bear playing with its toys, and sea lions dancing through the water. The part that Matthew liked best? Lunch.
I think M is a cross between Julie the Cruise Director from Love Boat and Napoleon (Bonaparte, not Dynamite) as he is one of small stature who thinks he is in charge of directing our excursions...and he does so with great authority. If he is not interested in the current activity or thinks it is taking too long, out shoots his little arm...finger pointed...telling you that NOW is the appropriate time to get moving!
M is adamantly opposed to getting his picture taken now, so photos ops are becoming less and less frequent. Look at how BIG he looks in the stroller photo below!
All of this fun may have taken its toll on him because he is back to very restless nights and waking up super early!


Tami said...

Catching up on all the fun with M's family!! You guys sure have had a busy week;-).

Qiuqiu's parents said...

Wow, first pool and first zoo...that's a lot of new experiences!! I can't wait to take Flynn to the zoo for the first time. Sounds like your zoo put on a good show for your first time!

jen said...

Wow, that is a lot of firsts for a little boy. Though not so little anymore - I can see he is really growing! Too funny - Andy also gets really serious when he is into something, esp water, he has to concentrate very hard.

Btw, there are diff recs on PB, but I think the longer you put it off, the less chance to peanut allergy, so I think the safest is to wait till after 3yo, at least, this is what I'm going to try to do.

Rebecca said...

My word, Tish, he looks so HUGE!!! What happened while I was away??? Your baby grew like 4 inches, or what?????

Maybe I should have gotten the 3T!!!

The zoo looks fun. :) And I laughed and laughed about Matthew trying to empty the wading pool. That is just so "boy". Grant tried to do that with the ocean last summer!!! Think that would have kept him busy for awhile???

Love ya girl. By the way, my China Baby blog is back up and running. :)


Just Us said...

Ooooo what fun. That is too cute that M enjoyed measuring the water and dumping it out of the pool. I hope you caught that on video!! I'm glad the animals at the zoo were actually out and doing things. Everytime we go to the zoo, the animals are always sleeping.