Wednesday, June 25, 2008

O Praise Him!

God's kindness to me is over the top. I cannot believe how absolutely gracious He continues to be to me, and I just pray that I don't hold onto His blessings but instead let them flow through my life to bless others. So here are some cool things to share:

UNO: In addition to other fantastic news from my mama today (you can say a "Thank You, God" right now), it looks like she will be coming to visit us in the near future!

DOS: Some of you have joined me on my prayer blog and know that I was praying about whether or not to continue the weekly posts. I just kind of felt like God was wrapping things up...but it left me wondering how I might serve Him next. Well, it seems as if God may already be opening doors for me to serve, love, and care for others. The way He works blows my mind...and He has been bringing things together in His "could-only-be-of-God" ways. I'll let you know more as He directs.

TRES: Scott and I had considered buying a used piano but, even at used prices, we weren't sure that we wanted to spend that kind of dough. Afterall, we don't even know if M will like the piano or if he will prefer the tuba. Well, yesterday we were totally blessed with an awesome little piano that had been used in the studio of a dude from our church!!!!

OH! FUNNY story! When S came home tonight, he sat down at the piano w/ M in his lap. I bellied up to the side and started belting out "you light up my life" in my best (or worst) karaoke voice. M flew into hysterics!!!! And then S started laughing thinking that M was crying at my singing!!! Turns out S had M's foot pinched between his leg and the piano! I felt bad for M, but it made me feel better to know that my singing is not THAT bad!

So here is M at the piano. The first video is the grandparents' version. Seriously, it is sloooooow movin'. The second video, which is shorter though not super action packed, is for everyone else!


stefanie said...

ahh! he is TOO smart! i am so thrilled. i'm really counting on him saying smooch while i'm there now!

kari said...

i'm so impressed that he doesn't just sit and bang the keys. you've got a prodigy on your hands.

Craig, Judy, Andrew, & William said...

Sweet! It's amazing how God knows what we need and often goes beyond that to give us what we want.

Rebecca said...

Very impressive!!! Little maestro there. :)


Andrea said...

You Go, Boy!


Jenna said...

That boy's got TALENT! :)

Can't wait to hear how God is going to use you in the next season of service for you! :)