Monday, June 23, 2008


Again, sorry for the blurry photos.........ugh. Double ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Here M is sporting his new man bag:

A joy of motherhood...fresh flowers hand-picked especially for you:
M writing a thank-you card to the Marbury family for the fun hat:

Matthew at 17 months:

- now when we are out&about and he sees letters on signs, he starts pointing and making his "alphabet sounds."

- he is doing well with using a spoon, following complex directions, and recognizing colors/letters/numbers/shapes. On his number puzzle, I can ask him questions like "Which number is on our mailbox?" and he points to the correct number.

- he understands general things, for example, to put on his sock, he can't just lay it on his foot, but he needs to put his fingers in the hole and stretch it out first.

- the other day he brought me a book with a page that talks about baking cookies....and he started pointing at them. I asked if he wanted a snack (dumb question) and, when we went into the kitchen, he led me directly to the muffins we had baked earlier in the week.

- in another book is a picture of a bear hugging some kids. M picked up a magnet that looks like a boy, opened the book to that page, and made the magnet hug the picture.

- while he hasn't exploded verbally, he does seem to say the word bed...and he says it as "gung" or "gung gung."

- he still eats quite a lot, but he is definitely becoming a pickier eater. I think that before now he was shoveling the food in so fast that he never actually tasted it. Now that the food is staying in his mouth a little longer, he is quick to let me know what he does not like.

- he loves to "dip!" Give him any kind of sauce and something to dip in it, and he goes to town.

- he continues to have a wonderful sharing heart, to help clean the house when asked (and sometimes on his he finds little items on the floor, he takes them straight to the garbage can), and to be a sweet, sweet baby.

- his sleeping is improved...nights seem much less restless, and his naps are worthy of being called a nap rather than a blink.

- his atopic dermatitis flares and then subsides in cycles. It's pretty good right now, which may account for his improved sleep.

- no more teeth yet, but he is starting to stick his whole fist in his mouth again for chewing, so I suspect more are on the way.

And that's our big 17 month old boy!!!!


Shannon said...

Such a smartie for 17 months old! That's great! Enjoy the day reflecting on your sweet boy.

Beverly said...

What a cute little boy. Glenys is a dipper too. Any sauce but the fav is ranch dressing. Who doesn't like it on everything?

Andrea said...

The man bag reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, "It's European!"


Tiffany and Gabriel said...

Oh I love this update! Thanks for sharing everything that he does. I can hardly believe that in 7 months, maybe Nolan will be doing some of these things too. So happy his sleep is getting better, and yours too, hopefully.

Rebecca said...


He will hand food back to me and say, "DIP!" And we get out some ranch or BBQ or french onion or something for him. Hilarious!!! Must be a guy thing.

I am sure we will be having A.D. discussions once we bring Owen home. I am pretty sure he has it and I can tell that it flares up and then subsides, looking at pics of him.

Oh, and tell M that he is very manly with his man-bag. Grant prances around with a little girly purse of his sister's and Andy just rolls his eyes. :) Well, that's why he needs a brother!!!

hugs & love,

Akabah said...

so fascinating, Tish! you have a VERY smart little boy! I'm going to try the dip thing with Helena... Her only word is 'MORE', which comes out as 'MA', and she's definately not into following instructions yet- complex OR simple!! take care,