Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Rebecca at La Dolce Vita has a big heart for giving to others and posted about a unique way to do so:

Their mission: to end the phenomenon of orphans living in extreme poverty
Their first step: to fund a "Care Point" run by Children's Hopechest in Swaziland, Africa
Their plan: to sell the coolest, highest quality kids' t-shirts and onesies...for every shirt you buy, they donate enough to feed an orphan for a whole month

Here are some of their rockin' designs:

Perhaps you might buy a shirt or two...or how about paying for two shirts and only receiving one so that the money for the other shirt can go entirely to the Care Point children....



Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

To answer your questions:

1. We give the stuff I buy at CVS to anyone who visits and wants some. We are also planning a Christmas in July for my coworkers and a we are going to share some with our Sunday School class at a party this weekend. The rest will go to a shelter or Operation Christmas Child.

2. We are building our faith in God to provide the finances for our little girl. In our hearts, we are so ready!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Yea! Blogging is so cool. It is so easy to make an impact and have it keep passing forward! I thought these little t-shirts were so cute, and such an easy way to give. Thanks for sharing this.

Tami said...

really cool designs...and what a worthwhile cause!

Tami said...

Oh, answer your question, yes, there is a fair amount of sea glass around here, thanks for asking...some beaches are more plentiful than others. It's always been a favorite activity of ours as a family to walk along the beach, be in the moment, and see what colors we can find:-). The brown, green and white are the most common, but we have found a few coveted pieces of blue, red and orange:-).

Sherry said...

Those shirts are way cool! I'm so buyin a couple! Thanks for the info! :)

Rebecca said...

Love the shirts & the idea!!! Too cool. :)


Michelle said...

I love these. I wish more retailers would do this sort of thing. I bought two for Bo. Thanks.

Lynn said...

What a great idea!