Thursday, June 12, 2008

"E" is for Einstein


OK...I'm totally not trying to be that mom with bumper stickers all over my blog saying "My kid is on the honor roll..."

but I'm just seriously amazed at what M can do (when he is happy, fed, and well-rested, that is!).

On the morning of this video I had actually shown M the puzzle E because it was on the floor and asked him to find the magnet E. I honestly didn't think he would...I was just trying to keep him busy while I made breakfast. But he found it on the first try! So later in the afternoon I mixed up the letters and had him try it again...this time catching it on video!

BTW, one of my favorite things is that the bottom third of our refrigerator is all scratched and scarred from the magnet letters. For some reason it just makes my heart happy!


Qiuqiu's parents said...

What a smart boy! He's going to be reading to you before you know it!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

He went right to it! So smart!

Love your comment about the fridge scratches. That is a wonderful perspective!

jen said...

Wow he is brilliant! Good job at teaching him Mom! I feel the same way about the mess in our house... at least I try to! =)

Sherry said...

He is a little Einstein for sure! So smart! Keep up the good work baby M:)

Shannon said...

genius babies all around!

Rebecca said...

Go Matthew Go!!!!! Wow, Tish, that is incredible. What a super smart boy. I love seeing him in action. He just makes me happy. :)

Squeezes from long-distance auntie Rebecca!!!!

stefanie said...

i'm tellin you. . .SMOOCH will be his next word.

i can't wait. one month till i see your faces.

Lynn said...

Go M!! He is a smart little guy!