Sunday, February 17, 2008

Party Day!

We went to precious Layne's 3rd Birthday Party today at Chuck E Cheese! Matthew was a little tired to begin with, but I think he had a great time...especially since there were balloons everywhere! He missed his nap, but the birthday cake kept him going! Layne was so sweet with him as you can see in the photos below.
Sweet moment:
Fric and Frac play skeeball:Sweet Layne holding on to Matthew:
Layne still holding on to Matthew:
Still holding on (I'm gonna have to pay her for babysitting!)

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Check out this video which I saw posted on The Hausam's Blog. It highlights a new orphan ministry and showcases families sharing their unique, and yet also common, perspectives.


John & Michelle said...

We are waiting for our daughter from China. She will be my first and only baby! Do you have any new mom tips that you could share?

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Thanks, Tish, for your sweet words. You have a beautiful blog!

jen said...

I love the 2 handsome boys in matching shirts - too cute! Looks like Matthew had a blast!

Rebecca said...

GREAT pictures Tish!!! That little Layne is so sweet - I love how she's always holding Matthew's hand! What did Matthew think of that?

The matching shirts are pretty cool. :) Love the pic of the sleepy boy at the end. I'm going to go add Grant's carseat pic from yesterday to today's post!

You go on Hausam's blog too?? They are SO cool - and how cute is little Ray Ray!!!!


taiwanbaby said...

love the matching daddy, son shirts!! so cute.