Monday, February 18, 2008

CrAcKeD Lullabies

I love to sing to Matthew and, fortunately, he is too polite to comment on my lack of talent. But the problem isn't just my voice. My repertoire of children's songs has diminished over the years, so I end up singing songs like "Baby Got Back" (I tried to make it G-rated by singing "baby got bottle") or "Canadian Wilderness" (nope, not from Canada).

When I do remember a lullaby, I usually don't know all of the words and have to make up my own. For example, when I sing "Hush Little Baby" I end up singing that I'm going to buy Matthew things like jet skis, a stack of hay, and a shopping mall. It just doesn't seem right to get his hopes up like that. Side note: I guess I could google the lyrics but who has time when there are blog operas to keep up with (What new designs has Rebecca created? How many days til Shepherd comes home? Just how many different languages do Yvonne's kids speak?)

I felt a little bit better about my unrefined lullaby skills after hearing my husband sing to Matthew the other night. Instead of singing "the bear went over the mountain," Scott thought the words were "the bear went under the mattress."

Poor, poor Matthew!


stefanie said...

hahah you totally forgot to mention our attempts at patty cake!

maybe you should sing how much is that doggie in the window?

or the other one i used to like about the dog named spot or something?

you guys come in a week!

Tracy said...

This is the exact reason I bought the CDs. My singing is horrible so my kids get all the words plus a little musical enjoyment to go with it. :)

My girls love the children's Christian Praise CDs.

Rebecca said...

LOL! LOL!!!! Tish you CRACK ME UP!!! I AM THE SAME WAY! I don't know ANY lullabies besides Rock a Bye Baby (which is scary - they're falling out of a tree and that's supposed to be soothing???) and Twinkle Twinkle. Whenever I sing them Grant just gives me this look like... "Um, Mom? You can stop now." LOL! Maybe he would like Baby Got Bottle better. :)

Hugs to you! Thanks for the laughs this morning.


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

yeah, I'm right there with you. poor little boys. also, my singing isn't, well, it isn't great. Most of the time Reed will clap after I finish. The other night, though, he actually covered his ears!!! Reed LOVES to listen to Mandisa, though. We've renamed her Auntie D and he will always quit crying in the car when we play her songs, esp. #11.

Hauswife said...

That is too funny! We're lullaby destroyers, too. Is it bad to sing Guns and Roses songs to your baby? Our kids grew up singing Seal, Sting, and Queen, along with botched baby music. My mother nearly died when she overhead my 2 year old daughter (then) singing to her baby doll, "Don't cryyyyyyy. You'll always be loved. Don't cryyyyyyy. My baby."

Stefanie said...

You never fail to make me bust out laughing!! I TOTALLY know all (except the cuss words, of course) to 'baby got back'!! Now you've got me singing it in my head!! I sing this one song, it's actually very sweet (at least I love it!) and as soon as I start the song, my kids start crying, "Mamaaaaaa!! Nooooo!!" They hate that song ;)
Here are the words, what's not to love?!

Tell me why the stars do shine
Tell me why the ivy twines
Tell me why the sky's so blue
And I will tell you just why I love you

Because God made the stars to shine
Because God made the ivy twine
Because God made the sky so blue
Because God made you,that's why I love you

Isn't that sweet? :)