Monday, February 11, 2008

C'mon Spring!

Great weather we went to the park! And afterwards to Twisters for a bean and cheese burrito then to Walgreens to touch all the Valentine's Day balloons! We are so ready for spring!

A snack before the park

Lovin' the swings

Not quite as brave as last fall

Gotta have some sand time

For a while...a short while...we had a few nights where Matthew wasn't waking up throughout the night! We were happy...we were rested...we were SUCKAHS! Oh, it wasn't that our baby wasn't waking up, it was that our monitor was broken! We could still hear the white noise sounding stuff, but no baby! Just within the past few nights, his sleep has become worse...possibly from teething...and he has been restless much of the night. Today the poor guy was sooo tired all day long...even with his naps.
You may remember that my doctor told me to turn off the monitor if I would still be able to hear Matthew cry at night. So why do I still have it on? Because it has been cold and to keep the bedrooms warmer at night, we have been closing the doors. There are four closed doors between me and my boy, so the monitor is a must for this new mama. I actually don't like this set-up and was whining to Scott about how, if anything happened, I would have to go through four doors to get to the baby. His response: "Babes, that's why God gave you opposable thumbs."


Just Us said...

Too funny...yeah, I would still have our monitor on too! I just love the big smile on Matthew's face when he was on the swing...really having a blast. Kristie

Rebecca said...

BBFF!! I am JEALOUS!!! While you were playing at the park and eating burritos, I was huddled inside today in my fuzzy robe. There's a BLIZZARD going on! I'm with you, HURRY UP SPRING!!

Matthew gets cuter all the time. :) I am loving him in that baseball cap.


Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

I think his hat is really cute. I doubt Reed would keep his on for very long!

Yvonne Crawford said...

Isn't it annoying - right when you think you have the sleep thing figured out, boo ya, something messes it up - teething, a cold, a new skill that they have to practice or ???