Sunday, February 10, 2008

More dirt...

Yes, Smooch, I know he doesn't match!

This picture reminds me of the famous photo of the man leading the skinny cow across the parched land. Our ground just looks cracked; it's not that least not right now!

Here Matthew is breaking 2 house rules:
1. No wearing hats at the table
2. No wearing hats gangsta style at the table

Today we were in the kitchen, and Matthew was in his walker. I asked him to take a dishtowel to the laundry room, and he took off! With just a little help after a run-in with a column, he made it! His piggy bank is getting full from all the allowance we have to give this hard-working boy!

Matthew eats like a champ! In fact, he could probably eat non-stop all day. If he sees me starting to make a meal, he gets a little nutty til I give him something to eat. His spoon skills are really good, although he turns the spoon over once it gets to his mouth to dump the food on his tongue. I'm trying to help him get out of that habit because sometimes he turns and dumps before he gets to his mouth!


The Hausams said...

Gangsta style or not, at the table or not, he sure looks CUTE in that hat! My kids have those same rules. :)

The Hausams said...

Btw, it's a joy to see Christ glorified in your blog, too... I'm so glad to know another sister in Christ!

Just Us said...

Great gangsta shot....too cute. Can you tell Matthew to talk to Yu-Lin about eating. My little guy doesn't like to eat much anymore and constantly wants to play. Kristie

stefanie said...

yeah yeah i know, he doesn't match. that was oddly enough NOT the first thing i noticed! :)


Rebecca said...

I'm impressed with Matthew's helping skills. :) You're a good mama Tish! Someday his wife will bless you for teaching him to help around the house. :)

Yvonne Crawford said...

I'm finally catching up on your blog - 1 week of not looking and you have a million posts! You are a great blogging. I love the gansta clothes - so funny.