Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mr. Sandman

Today we got out Matthew's new sandbox, a gift from Grandma&Grandpa Garner and Guinnie! I purchased green and blue sand from Wal-mart to make it extra fun. We played with all of the sand toys and even threw in our rocks from yesterday's rock hunt in the lot next door. Not too much sand ended up on the patio, although I did find some in his hood!

We have magnetic letters on our fridge and whenever Matthew is playing with them, I will spell out the word LOVE and then say it while doing the sign. Yesterday we were eating lunch and I said, "Matthew, mama and daddy love you very much. Love!" and he immediately pointed across the room to the word on the refrigerator!

Yesterday we went in the backyard to break up bread for the birds. I explained that the birds were hungry and that we were giving them bread to eat. Then I showed Matthew how to tear the bread in pieces. After demonstrating, I gave him a whole piece of bread. He looked at it and then held it up in the air towards the construction workers next door. Guess he wants to feed the boys nots the birds.

For some reason the song that goes "I dropped it, I dropped it, On the way I dropped it" popped into my mind but I couldn't remember the rest of the words. So I started singing "stole a penny from my mom and on the way I dropped it." (Sorry, mom). Anyway, when I began the part about dropping the penny, Matthew started looking around on the floor thinking that I had really dropped one!


Yvonne Crawford said...

Blue and green sand??? What?? Man I totally have to get some of that. :0) It looks so cool. And he's cute as always!!!

Rebecca said...

Love that sandbox!!!

How cute is he in that little baseball cap and sweatshirt?? You always have such good taste in clothing, Mama!!

I loved the stories about him. He is one smart little cookie. :) The 1-2 age range is one of my FAVORITES!!!!


Stefanie said...

He sounds like he is so much fun!! And so stinkin' cute! I'm with Yvonne, blue and green sand? Where have I been?!? Gotta get some of that!

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

He is so beautiful!!
Nothing like a sandbox...can't wait to make one for our Flynn!!

Ann said...

I'm lovin' that green sand!! Gotta get me some of that.

Gail said...

I think its..
A Tisket a Tasket
??? A green and yellow basket (not sure about this part)

I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it.

Something like that :)
Cute pictures!!

jen said...

Oh, wow, Matthew is just so brilliant, understanding all those words and connections. I am so impressed with you always teaching him new stuff. Love the pics - he looks so pleased with himself! What an adorable smile!


Just Us said...

Wow..I didn't know they sell green sand! That is too cool that I want some for me : )..he he. I'm so impressed with Matthew's cognitive abilities..way to go! Kristie