Wednesday, February 20, 2008


In addition to Matthew's dusting, drying the floor, washing the cabinets, taking his clothes to the laundry room, cleaning his highchair, and wiping off his toys...he now SWEEPS! I found this little hand broom w/dust pan in our cabinet, and he loves it! He knows that the food under his chair is supposed to go in the garbage (although at times he finds a morsel too tasty to pass up), so he will pick up the pieces and then point to the garbage can. I'll walk him over so he can throw the food in, but sometimes the parting is such sweet sorrow that he can't let go (until I shake it loose from his fingers!) What a helper!!!!


Rebecca said...

Look at that boy!! SOOO impressive, mama!!!! :) You know... chicks love a guy who knows his way around with a dustpan. He is a studly little dude!!


Hauswife said...

That is killer cute! My Jackie was the same way (still is, too). Love it!

Sherry said...

Teach young! Good job mama! Put Kobi with him & I think weve got a mini cleaning service. Hehehe!

PS~ I love the little moose PJ's. So cute!

jen said...

Adorable!!! Can we enroll Andy in Tish's house-cleaning training program??? Oh yes, Matthew is going to make quite the catch of a hubby one day - mine still doesn't know how to clean! =)

Stefanie said...

I have to agree with Rebecca... nothing more handsome than a man wielding a dustpan! And that Matthew was already ADORABLE to begin with :)
You know, I've got two little girls, not much older than Matthew... maybe in a few years we should set up a play date?! :)