Thursday, February 14, 2008

New post & photos

New post & photos -- Valentine's Day & 6th Month Family Anniversary -- on Matthew's site.

This will be the last post on Matthew's site so -- even if you typically don't comment -- we would love to hear from you! A cd will be made of his site as a keepsake, so please leave him a comment! We hope that one day he will be encouraged to know of all the people who were loving and praying for him.


Rebecca said...

Sniff, sniff!! Your post was beautiful, Tish!! Matthew is so lucky (blessed) to have a mama like you.


Nicole said...

Thanks for visiting our blog-i am sooo not up-to-date w/ updating it as much as you are on yours-great blog-by the way!
Matthew is adorable! :)

The Hausams said...

What a beautiful site, Tish! He's so precious... 6 months HOME! Yea!