Thursday, February 21, 2008

Light Bulb!

Helping repot a little plant (yes, I laid down an old blanket I found in the garage)
A rock and a measuring cup...and just look at that smile!
Of course mud-cupcakes don't really work with potting soil, but we thought we'd give it a try!

When I was in college there was this girl who would say "Light Bulb!" whenever she would figure something out. At the time it was pretty annoying. But, for some reason, that came to mind this week in regards to Matthew. It has been so cool watching things "click" for him at such a quick pace lately. Like he was looking at a book that had an illustration of a balloon, and he started pointing at the book, then pointing toward his balloon in the other room, then back at his book. Then later he pointed to a light in the room, I said "light"...and he immediately started pointing to the lights in the kitchen. It is neat to see the connections being made without promptings on our part. This week we were taking batteries out of toys so he could see how they don't work without the batteries, and he loved it. He would turn over toys he found and want to unscrew the back panel. It is also neat to see how quickly he responds to questions/commands without me repeating. For example, I said "Matthew does walrus want a drink of your milk?" and without missing a beat he got the walrus and put him on top of the sippy cup for little gulp. Or I can ask him to get out/put away items, and he knows just what to do. He really seems to pay attention to the sequence of events, like when I am cooking, because for example I can ask "what do we do with X?" and he will point to the pot on the stove knowing that is where it goes. He knows the right buttons to push on the dryer and garage door opener, and is always eager to help. ONE IS FUN!


Sherry said...

Awww... baby Matthew is growing up just to fast. LOL! Its always pretty amazing to me to see how quickly kids pick up on things. Just wait until one day he say's "I love you" without you saying it first to him. Kobi just melts my heart everytime I hear that:)

Barbie said...

Now that is a boy having LOTS of fun!! Typical boy...loving the dirt. lol!!

Yvonne Crawford said...

I love that first picture - he's just so excited. I love kids at that age - just so much fun, they are learning so much...

And you are too cool of a mom to let him do that inside!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Smart AND cute!!

If only I had a girl his age... does he like older girls?? :)