Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A post about some stuff

I have no clue why I even have this red bandanna, but Matthew and I found it and decided to try it out. Of course, he is looking a little "Aunt Jemima" in these photos...but, nonetheless, CUTE! If you are wondering what he is so sad about, just pick any possible topic. These shots were taken yesterday when everything was wrong in his world. We met with our social worker for our 6 month post-placement report, so I asked her about his decreased sleeping and increased fussiness. Based on her recommendation, we are going to start trying 3 short naps/day. Today was our first try, and it seemed to go well (plus he actually slept last night so we were off to a good start this morning!). The difference in Matthew after a good night's rest was AMAZING! I haven't seen him giggle, play hard, explore, practice walking, squeal, and sing for any significant period of time in a long time, so it was refreshing and enjoyable. We still had some fussy moments but they were definitely much, much fewer than as of late.

Setting: Dinner at our kitchen table

Mama: Matthew, can you say daddy?

Mama: Can you say daddy?

Mama: Say daddy.

Daddy: Matthew, can you say fiduciary responsibility?


Rebecca said...

LOL! I think Scott and Andy would get along just fine. :)

I'm SO glad to hear that the nap-increase has met a fussiness-decrease!! Maybe I should try that with my crabby little dude.

Oh, and Matthew rocks that bandanna!!!


Sarah said...

Heehee. I like Daddy's humor.

jen said...

His pout is SOOO cute, and looks esp more adorably pathetic in his bandana, as if someone is making him do housework! =)

The Hausams said...

Naps make the world go 'round, don't they?

Yvonne Crawford said...

Very cute, love the bandana.