Saturday, February 2, 2008

Attack of the Mama Mush-Brain

I'm supposed to be working on tax stuff right now. But instead I have this thought on my mind: If you are an absolute full time stay-at-home mama, I think that you can fall prey to "mama mush-brain"... a disease which seems to attack and conquer your noggin with Mach 3 speed. I feel like my brain has been utterly destroyed...or has liquified and seeped out my ears...or maybe something even worse. This "mama mush-brain" seems to have affected me in the following areas:

1. Multi-tasking skills - I used to have excellent fact, one night when working in a restaurant in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter, I waited on 17 tables in less than an hour and a half by myself. No hostess. No busser. No other waitstaff. Just me, two kitchen staff, and a serious rush of customers! NOW, however, I cannot even boil Matthew's frozen vegetables and do ANYTHING else at the same time or I almost burn the house down. TWICE I have ruined the veggies and the pots they were in! I'm running out of cookware!

2. Organizational skills - When working in college admissions, I used to plan weekend-long scholarship competitions for 60+ students...from the big details to the small. Now I can't even throw a baby birthday party without even forgetting to invite dear friends!!!! Or making sure I had the presents purchased BEFORE the party!

3. Memorization skills - I used to be a memory machine...but now my brain is like a sieve. Tonight I walked out of the grocery store and didn't know where I parked. In fact, I couldn't even remember driving to the store. Lots of people do that, I know. SO what about this? I had to ask my sister if we sang "Happy Birthday" to Matthew at his party!!!!????!!!

4. Conversational skills - Let's just say that the conversation I initiated with Scott when he came home Friday night wasn't about politics...or doctrine...or even parenting. It was "Did you put a cricket in the toilet?"

I feel like I need to exercise my brain with some sudoku...or an algebra class...or I guess some tax stuff that is staring me in the face right now...UGH, I'm off to sort through receipts.....

Photos from San Diego just because they make me happy.....

Photo of a dog that I don't know...but that is stylin' nonetheless


taiwanbaby said...

like the dog, it made me laugh. my kids actually prefer our green peas to be frozen. then you won't ruin them ever again.

Rebecca said...

I hear you girlfriend!! I was heating up leftover chili for lunch yesterday - got distracted - and it burnt to a crisp and filled the whole downstairs with smoke. :( Felt like an idiot.

That dog is awesome!!!!


Just Us said...

I hear you Tish...though I won't be home much longer with Yu-Lin, I have lost all the things I was good at...and spend all my days chasing after him and asking him what are you doing? Kristie

Stefanie said...

Okay, you're making me feel better!! I've had to refill the same pot multiple times because it boils off, when I forget to put the darn Ramen noodles in ;)
And have you ever burned hard boiled eggs? Not pretty (or very fragrant!)
Hang in there, mama! You're doing all the IMPORTANT things right :)