Thursday, May 22, 2008

UPdates of all sorts

Photos from lunch on Monday at our favorite restaurant. Scott found these glasses, and M thinks they are pretty cool.

We joyfully announce to arrival of Matthew's 4th tooth! The delivery was long and hard, but both Matthew and the tooth are doing fine. We have named the tooth Epaphroditus which means "charming."
Our former speed-racing, garbage-disposaling, shovel-it-in-til-you-bust eater has suddenly become a slow, finicky, playin-with-his-food one fell swoop. We figure his growth spurt must be over. Scott broke the news to Matthew like this, "Well, Bubs, this might be as tall as you get."

Since M is my only child, I have no clue what is normal development for his age other than what I read in a book. So I'm just going to pretend that this is sheer genius stuff. It's so fun to see things "clicking" for him.
We have a wooden memory game and, for the last four times we have played, Matthew has matched all of the pictures correctly. Although we leave the "cards" face up, there are 6 different pictures (12 cards) for him to sort through. Last week, he didn't really seem to get the idea of "matching"...this week, he's a genius!
We have an animal puzzle with 8 pieces and was able to show me exactly where each piece goes. Last week, he would just pick up a cow and try putting it down wherever he felt like. This week...oh, you know...he's a genius!
He is beoming a master at the art of the spoon. Not just the getting it to the mouth part but the scooping part, too. Last week he was just a messy eater. This week...say it with me...he's a genius!
He is babbling like crazy this week. This is new for him...our quiet little guy. As he walks around the house playing, he jabbers non-stop. I'm quite sure he is speaking in foreign language...possibly two...with all correct pronunciation and inflection. Complex sentence structure. No slang. Because, of course, he's a genius!
This update is about our rhyming games. The other morning Scott and I were in the bathroom getting ready for the day. I was talking about the multitude of stains on his clothes and mentioned, "Maybe when you eat you should wear a bib." When out of the blue he responded, "Maybe when you eat you should invite Andy Gibb."
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? At 6 o'something in the morning...with a very sick wife...he brought on the rhyming challenge.

Tish: Maybe when you eat you should be in a crib.
Scott: Maybe when you eat you should join Women's Lib.
Tish: Maybe when you eat you should have Dr. Pibb.
Scott: That doesn't make sense.
Tish: What do you mean that doesn't make sense? It makes the most sense out of all of them.
(then I realized I said DR. Pibb instead of MR. Pibb)
Scott: Babes, I won't hold it against you that you're not a soda connoisseur.

OK....I have to give him some major points for creativity. I mean, who in the world thinks about Andy Gibb in the wee hours of the morning??? And I didn't even know he was familiar with the term "women's lib." So, he was really kickin' it.
HOWEVER, the game is not won for creativity but for endurance. And the last rhyming word came from my lips...can you say "WINNER!!!!!!!??"


Kerry said...

Ummm, Tish? I think you have a genius on your hands here! (But so do I, I think) Sounds like he is having great fun learning and that's what is important.

Andy Gibb at 6 am?! At any time of day, that's just plain weird. :-) What a fun rhyming game, though. Maybe Matthew is bringing the kid out in both of you.

Matthew gets more and more handsome every time I check out your blog.

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the arrival of little Epaphroditus!!! :) Your little genius sleeping any better now??

Grant did the same thing. He used to eat everything and now he is picky. I almost fell over the first time he refused something!

You & Scott crack me up with the rhyming game. :) Such a fun & witty post. You definitely win the rhyming game (after all, only "Pibb" counts... the Dr. or Mr. is a moot point!!)

Tracy said...

I would say Matthew is ahead of his game (at least compared to the children in my daycare). I have some 2 and 3 year olds that probably couldn't match puzzles or memory pieces. Keep up the great work with him.

Also, I am so glad to read how happy you are with Scott. Sounds like you found someone that deserves someone as special as you. :)

stefanie said...

ok so i can say i don't know anything about andy gibb

but i can say

DUH! matthews a genius. & not just because i'm partial to my nephew. There are plenty of children that i tended to that couldn't do a number of those things at his age (while there were some that were probably capable and just chose not to, that is neither here nor there).

Lynn said...

Yep, sounds like genius to me! You and your hubby are hilarious! Dang, 6 am is early!!