Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fun

Thought I better post some photos before my mom begins to riot! We went to feed some nearby horses today (although we made sure to leave some carrots for our beloved Xena). Then we hit a roadside drink stand for refreshment...and a lei for Matthew! Despite the fact that he is not smiling in any of the photos, I think he had a good time!

OOOPs...this first pic is out of order....

M is 16 months old now and continues to amaze me with his observant nature and memory. He seems to know his basic shapes...when he is interested in that topic, of course! He received a car that goes up and down....yeah, like a low rider...and the first time he saw it move, he picked it up and turned it over to see where the batteries were. He makes connections we were playing with his block shapes and I asked "what shape do you see?" which is a line from one of his books, and he immediately went to find that book.
He is still not saying any words and while I am not worried, I feel bad because I can see him becoming more easily frustrated due to not communicating...which I know is common. We started out teaching signs when he was really little, but he hasn't seemed too interested in them. For example, he knows the sign for "more" and will sign it if we bring it up, but is arely proactive in using it.
He seems to be keeping up his growing and still towers over other kids. This morning at the train station we met a 2 year old who was pretty much the same size as M. We don't have his next check-up till June or July, so I will be interested in seeing where he is on the height chart.
He continues to passionately dislike having his diaper changed and waiting for his food.


stefanie said...


mly95014 said...

Hi Tish,

Must be something about Taiwan adopted baby boys named Matthew :) Our little guy also passionately hates getting his diaper changed and is very impatient for his food as well.


Rebecca said...

Those pictures are all adorable but my FAVORITE is the one of Matthew, the carrot and the big XENA LIPS. So cute!! He looks all vacation-y in his lei. :)

That little dude of yours is not only big (I bet he is bigger than Grant, who is almost 2... we will have to trade measurement info)... but M is SMART. Look out Mensa!!

Love ya girl,

Andrea said...

Great Pictures, as usual!

I love this kids hair! :)


Yvonne Crawford said...

I love that first one, so sweet!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

These pictures are priceless! Great photography.

My little lady hates waiting for food and getting her clothes changed too!