Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!!! maybe M really is a smart little dude. Yesterday he had a yellow comb in one hand and a green in the other. I asked him to hand me the yellow, he looked at the combs in his hands and then did. I put the comb back in his hand, waited a few seconds, and asked him to hand me the green comb. He looked at them and then did. Maybe a coincidence? We had been talking about colors when we were on the plane recently, and I was wearing an orange-ish jacket. As we were looking out the window upon our arrival into the gate, we saw one of the guys who uses the orange stick thingys to bring in the planes. I said "Look at that guy's sticks...they are orange." And M immediately pointed to my jacket.

I think he is smart. I think I may be in trouble. Better go brush up on my algebra now.

PHOTOS: I set out to take a few photos of windows for my class and ended up taking a bunch of others. A nearby church, a big puddle, the ironwork at the entrance to our road. For photos click HERE and choose the "around town" album...but there are only 3 of M, 2 of which have already been posted. SO basically this is for my mom...and anyone who may be looking for another reason to put off paying bills or doing laundry.


Jenna said...

I love the window and door photos. My favorite is the one with the drain pipe or whatever up in the upper left hand corner. I'm not sure why I like that one so much, but I really do.

Chloe loves the caterpillar at the top of your web page- very fascinating!! :)

Yvonne Crawford said...

What a smart little boy. I just love that age, they learn so much every day!