Thursday, May 29, 2008

can't think of a title

Can you believe I went a day without posting??? Well, for very good reason! Yesterday I had some great fun taking photos of great friends! I had a blast and the photos turned out well...mostly because these people are gorgeous inside and out...through and to bottom! I think I took close to 400 pics, so I'll share them at a later date.


I took M to the doctor because we still have the junk. He was tested for strep which was, thankfully, negative. But the funny thing is this...we took along M's play doctor set and, when the nurse brought us into the room I casually mentioned that M might try to give her a shot. Well, we talked a bit more and she left...and then M threw a FIT crying and pointing to the door. I finally figured out that when I said he might give her a shot, he thought that meant he was going to be able to give her a shot! So when she came back in, I explained, she obliged, and M gave her a perfect shot on her arm! She was very impressed and said he has a good future in the medical field. I told her he would probably follow in his dad's footsteps in a career with the Ice Capades.


Gotta go...hope everyone is having a GREAT week. We are blessed beyond belief here...HOORAY GOD!


Yvonne Crawford said...

How sweet of him to want to give her a shot. :) So cute!

Rebecca said...

That story made me laugh out loud. :) I'm glad she came back in!!! So Matthew is joining Dad in the Ice Capades, ay? Those killer dance moves should come in handy. :) Don't they have a male Ice Follies???

Can't wait to see the pics you took - I'm sure they are amazing!!! And amen, sista, God is awesome!!!! Keep being blessed!!


Qiuqiu's parents said...

Haha! Well, he has serious aspirations, doesn't he!