Friday, May 2, 2008

15 minutes of fame...and some other stuff

If I talked as much as I blog, I would go hoarse.

Anyway, I now have my 15 minutes of bloggy fame! In response to my post about "drama", Jenna posted about one of her favorite books "Olivia Saves the Circus." Basically, Jenna was comparing me to a pig. A dramatic pig. And I took it as a sweet compliment because I love Olivia, too!

Matthew is so crazy about his dad. This morning I let him talk on the phone to Scott and, after listening a few seconds, he tried to kiss the phone. Then as we were preparing to go on a walk, M saw Scott's hat and, even though he was already wearing his own hat, he wanted to wear Scott's, too.


Matthew has become an anti-photograph kid. He pretty much hates when I take photos of him now and will turn his head and move away whenever I get the camera out. In the photo above, he was strapped in and unable to get away...sucker!!!...but he adamantly refused to give me a smile...oh, guess I was the sucker!!!

I'm naming this photo of yuccas in bloom "Tres Amigos"...but I really just wanted to show Rebecca how lush and green it is in the desert!


Andrea said...

AHHHHH! Where have i been!
Great posts- all of them. Fun Stuff. Love the pictures!
I'll post our dance moves IF you'll post Scott's!
I told my BFF Queen Bee to e-mail you . She's having some PhotoShop
probs. Know anything about PS?


Rebecca said...

Ooooooh!!! Those Yuccas are beautiful!!! Well, I take back my earlier comment that the entire city of ABQ is brown!!!

Girl you are crazy with all the blogging!!! What do you post, like 4 times a day??!!!

That is so sweet about M and his daddy. Grant just stares into space with this faint smile whenever Andy talks to him on the phone. He knows it's daddy but I can tell his wheels are turning... "How did Dad get into this little black thing??!!"

Well, strapped in or no, we love pics of Matthew!!!! (Candids are better anyway!!)

And for a dramatic pig, Tish, I would say you're pretty CHILL.


Jenna said...

Olivia is also witty, art appreciating, creative, full of energy, imaginative and please do take it as a compliment! :) Never thought about the fact that I was comparing you to a pig....that could have been bad! Good thing you like Olivia too, so you could appreciate the compliment.

I've never spent any time in the desert, but all your warm, sunny pictures make me a little jealous on cold, gray days like today!

Just Us said...

The double hat shot is so funny. Matthew is such a character. Kristie

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

I love the phone-kissing thing! My sister-in-law made a video of her two kids and the youngest (two years old) thought maybe Mike and I were inside the video camera watching, so at the end of the video she toddles up to it , squints one eye,and presses the other eye to the camera lens, trying to see us. So cute!!

Yvonne Crawford said...

Mia's getting anti-camera too. :( Funny how those kids go through phases. Matthew still is adorable even without smiling!

Sherry said...

Poor baby Matthew... I guess I'd get tired of smiling to with constant "Mamarazzi" following me! LOL! JOKING!

Wow there is green stuff out there? Hehehe! By the way Kobi & I were looking for you last Sunday while we watched Extreme Makeover:)