Monday, May 12, 2008

Canon Rebel XTi

Hey Bloggy Family & Friends! We are still in IL, but I rec'd these photos from a friend and thought I'd share. They were taken with her new Canon Rebel XTi and, as far as I know, have not been modified w/ editing software. I did cut out a chunk of the first photo because it showed a girl's face, and I didn't have time to ask permission to post her. Anyway, I know many of you have said you are interested in buying a new camera, so I thought you might like to see some shots with a Canon.

Please pray for safe travels for us on Tuesday.


Jenna said...

That's the camera I use, and I LOVE it! The pictures came out great.

Hope you are enjoying your time away! :)

Rebecca said...

Lookin' good!! :)

Love ya,

Yvonne Crawford said...

Great shots! and Safe travels!

Shannon said...

i remembered you writing about a camera and i went back through your old posts to find it. just curious what else you know about this canon or any others - canon or not. our canon which we've had for almost 5 years is on the brink of death and we need (need? - you make me think, probably not NEED - but really really want) a new one asap. since you're into photography, thought i'd check with you! (for what it's worth, my mom is a photographer, but is pretty biased when it comes to some things and i wanted a non-family opinion!) :)

Shannon said...

by the way, you can just email me at