Wednesday, May 14, 2008

cluttered mind = cluttered post

lots to say...

Matthew got his 3rd tooth on May 12!

Smooch's graduation was very nice, and she didn't even fall down the riser stairs in her unsensible stiletto shoes! The favorite child issue was settled once and for all...Smooch received the ultra awesome Guitar Hero for a graduation present...and I got luggage! Dark.Blue.Luggage.

We had a great trip! This time Matthew was way more comfortable being held by everyone...much to the delight of my baby hoggin' family. There is simply never enough time in a visit to talk to everyone the way you want REALLY talk to them...especially now with a baby in tow. But I get the feeling they would rather play with Matthew than listen to me yak, yak, yak anyway!

Bummer...Scott made me a mother's day card, and I accidentally threw it away thinking it was a different piece of paper.

I have more photos to share when I get the time!

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SUPER COOL: Check out how marvelous Gwyneth is doing!!! If you saw this little sweetie in the past, you won't believe your eyes. God is good.

SUPER COOLER: For a while now I have been following Jessica Claire's blog (she is a photographer). I didn't know it but, like me, Jessica has been following Gwyneth's she asked G's parents if she could do a photoshoot for them! Sweet! What a nice thing to do. Photos are here.

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I'm getting the idea that Matthew's first word will either be "no" or "more." I'll let you know as things progress. Any bets????


Tami said...

Glad you're back! Looks like you had a very nice trip visiting family, and a special Mother's day. It's always so nice going home to spend time with your Mom, isn't it?

Andrea said...

I can "1-up" you on the "favorite kid" thing. I got a Buick Century, my little brother got a Firebird Trans-Am!
We have had alot of first words to be"No-No!" around here.
Sorry about the card.:(


Rebecca said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA on the luggage!!!!!
Dark blue on top of it!!!! That cracked me up. :)

And hooray for toofie #3 making its appearance!!

Wonder if the lack of sleep is maybe due to constantly working on new teeth?? I bet #4 is happening right now.

Love ya,

Rebecca said...

P.S. My vote on 1st word is "NO"! :) It's easier to say and they like to use that word ever so much!! :)

Yvonne Crawford said...

I bet it will be 'no' or something like 'nana' for banana. If he likes those. Watch it be something random like potato or fig. ;)