Friday, May 30, 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Rebecca is saying adios to the public blogging community because she is joining the Ice, wait, that is Scott. She gives the actual reasons for her decision HERE.

So much of what she says has been quite heavy on my heart lately, but she said it so eloquently that I'll let you read her words instead. I'll just share the quick comment I left on her blog:

Oh, look, my BBFF wrote exactly what I have been thinking!! This has been heavy on my heart especially since being reconnected with my friend in Mexico. So much of what we do give is out of our insane abundance...perfectly good stuff that we just don't want anymore...or we give it away because we want something new. We really know very little about sacrificial love and sacrificial giving. Why not keep our old coat and buy a brand new one...a NICE brand new one...for someone else? Why not use our vacation money to pay for another person's vacation...someone who cannot afford to "get away"? We tend to feel OK giving for other people's basic necessities...but what about lavishing them with luxury...just as we have been lavished? Great post...I'll miss your blogs...and I hope to get an invite to your private one! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lynn said...

Thank you for the book recommendation!

Rebecca said...

LOL, the Ice Capades. :) No, I wouldn't want to infringe on Scott's territory.

I loved your comment and so appreciate your heart. What you said is so true! Didn't Jesus come to give us life... but not just life... but MORE ABUNDANTLY?? You are so right, we ought to be blessing others with the same abundance we've been blessed with!!!

I am looking forward to talking more as we both grow & learn and see God stretching us in new ways. I love you Sista.


Yvonne Crawford said...

:( boo hoo. But I really do understand.

And she gave me a lot to think about.