Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's 11:11 pm, and I can't think of a title for this post

OK. So going through my photos from the trip I realized I didn't take as many as I thought. What was I doing that whole time? I'm pretty sure eating. My mom has a killer junk food cabinet that wrecks me every time. I can't recall too many moments when there wasn't a high fat, high sugar, high cavity producing goodie in my hand. And just how can one bother with juggling a camera if one is worried about dropping a handful of Sugar Babies???

So I plugged some photos into an album...but I'm tellin' ya that you baby fanatics might be disappointed. And ask for your money back. There aren't that many of Matthew because some of the pics I took didn't even look like him. It was like looking at photos of someone else's kid in my kid's clothes. But my mom has a sweet flower garden...and my camera was lovin' every minute of it.

So click HERE for the photos and choose the album "IL trip."

As a side note for you 1st time mamas who have yet to fly with your baby, I thought I would share a list of "baby entertainment" contents in my carry-on in hopes it might help you in your travels.
1. Flask of vodka (Just kidding, you don't need to pack your own sedation, they sell it on the airplane for $5 a glass!)
2. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks (preferably ones that make no mess yet take a long time to eat)
3. New books (I go to Dollar General and buy $1 books that have lots of flaps for baby to open/close)
4. Stickers/Paper (I have been using stickers for travel since M was 11 months old. I get books of them that come in a variety of shapes/sizes though the bigger ones are best for little fingers. Make sure you have paper to put them on. This can burn up a fair amount of time!!!)
5. A small truck that has a screwdriver. This is difficult to explain but the point is that M can spend a lot of time putting the screwdriver in and out of the hole on top of the truck. So something of the same nature is great.
6. Other small items...for example, I took a large nut (the kind a screw fits in but too big to swallow) and we took turns putting it on my finger, then on M's finger, and so on. Two small farm animals to act out conversations with. A wind up rabbit to move across the tray. Etc.
7. Two very light colored crayons and paper.

I'm sure I had more junk in there but actually on the way home, the things M was most interested in were my bubble gum and my hoop earrings, so we played with those for a long time. Oh...and he won't take a teething toy to save his life, so I gave him his toothbrush and that kept him busy for quite awhile. Yeah, like 3 1/2 minutes. Oh, oh...and the thing that commanded most of his attention? The airplane safety guide! Not kidding. We looked at it over and over. No words, so I made up my own. His favorite part was the pic where one guy opens the overhead bin and the suitcase falls on the other guy's head....BONK!!!!


Rebecca said...

Hey I will be keeping this list!! We will have a 24 hour plane ride home with Owen in a few months!!!! :) The vodka thing made me laugh. Actually, I was laughing right through the last word... BONK! I wish I lived closer to you guys. I think we would be best buds. The danger would be in gabbing too much and not getting anything done. :)

So which snacks, pray tell, take a long time to eat? My son inhales his snack in like 5 seconds. Is there some type of kid-snack that is similar to a dog bone, that they can gnaw at for a couple of hours?? Beef jerky???

Oh, and I've been meaning to ask. How is the online photog. class going?

Your mom looked great in the pics. She looks very chipper. :) And you & your sis are adorable. Sister-love is the best. My sis and I are 16 years apart so... while we love each other it's different when she is 15 and I'm 31. :)

Love ya girlfriend. Hugs to Matthew.


Cari said...

I usually get a lot of milege out of a small retractable tape measure.