Saturday, May 3, 2008

Accidental Dismemberment

He didn't mean to. Really, he didn't. And you could tell by the look on his face he was sorry. Very, very sorry.

I had given M this photo magnet of Smooch (taken when she was little), explained that it was her, and said "poke" a couple of times so it would sink in. A little while later he started making these high pitched noises, so I went over to see what he wanted. As I was bending down, he thrust his arm up to me and pinched in his little fingers was...Smooch's arm.

Now M has broken things in the big deal...but this was different. It was Smooch, afterall. His lower lip stuck out and his eyes told of his heart's sadness. It was if he really "got" it.

Sorry, Smooch! We love ya!


Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

Oh NO! Of course I can't help laughing picturing Matthew handing you Smooch's arm... but how sad!! And he really felt bad about it! Too cute!!!!

Now you know you gotta leave that dismembered magnet on the fridge... just to remind you of this story. :)

Love ya,

Just Us said...

Hey..that had me cracking up..poor Smooch...guess you gotta stitch her back together and show Matthew it when he gets older..he will probaly get a laugh out of it too. Kristie

Hauswife said...

Awwww, poor guy! Precious, though. Yep, I'd definitely leave up the dismembered magnet just to keep the memory. So sweet.