Monday, December 3, 2007

Matthew Pao-palooza

OK...more video...and one of them is long...but my mom loved the last one so much that she called and wanted to buy me a Crate & Barrel gift card!!!! Expect a lot of videos from now on!
Just jokes!

I call this video montage "shake it, don't break it, took your mama 9 months to go through the adoption process." Matthew loves to shake everything he can....the cart at Target, the kitchen table, and especially his bed. When I go in to get him up, he is usually shaking his bed, so then I do it too. It never fails that when I shake it...because I shake it harder...he becomes quite concerned about "Lamby" (his little lamb that we sent him while he still lived in Taiwan), and he always wants to kiss him! So here are the videos!


stefanie said...

i have since decided that maybe it would be best if you guys moved a little closer to the P. I think that I'm too far away to be a good, effective Aunt. :)

can't wait to come kiss on him.

Rebecca said...

Shake it baby!! :) That is the cutest. I really need to meet that little guy in person someday.


Rebecca said...

P.S. We have a few lambies around here too. Claire has one that she's slept with since she was a baby. :)

jen said...

i showed andy and he was smiling and kicking his feet during all the shaking! so cute!


Sherry said...

Awww. Matthew looks so innocent in his crib with his little lamb. I will have to try to get video of Kobi & what he does to his stuff animals while no one is looking. (He's not very nice like Matthew is. LOL!)