Monday, December 3, 2007

Don't hate me because my blog is beautiful!

Check out my new look! I feel like a new woman! A much needed improvement, for sure! If you are now experiencing blog envy...don't can have a new blog look, too! Just contact my BBFF Rebecca. While my blog was constructed by Rebecca under the "Blogs with Love" organization (, Rebecca has since started her own design site to help fund her family's adoption expenses. It's a win-win thing because, no matter which way you go, you are supporting adoption and you will get a beautiful web site!

Rebecca's new site is, and it has great examples of the diversity of her designs. Be sure to check it out!


Rebecca said...

Wow, thanks for the shout outs BBFF!!! :) So glad you're happy with the look. The more I see it... the more I think it's definitely YOU. You've got a great sense of style - I love the kit you picked!! :)


Yvonne Crawford said...

I love it!! LOVE IT!! Rebecca is so talented, wow!

And I love you hair, so off topic, but mine is straight and I just love curlier hair.

Have a great week!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey, I love the new ticker!! It looks awesome and it MATCHES!!! You're very color coordinated... a girl after my own heart. :)


Tiffany said...

Lvoe the new site Tish :)
Matthew's cuter than ever - if that's even possible...LOL
love your blog


jen said...

love the new look! beautiful!