Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December!

Hooray for December...and celebrating the birth of our Savior! We kicked off the month by watching the Nativity Story movie. We were going to go to our little town's Christmas tree lighting (it is like a little 4' tree in front of town hall), but inclement weather kept us in. People who live in places like Minnesota would have called us wimps.

Now that we have a little one the thought of establishing family traditions, as well as keeping some of our own families', becomes more if anyone has a neat tradition they would like to share..I would LOVE to hear it! I'm not ashamed to say that I am a total plagiarizer and need help being creative about such things!

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Yvonne Crawford said...

Oh! Do you celebrate St. Nicholaus Day? We do...and it's such a great tradition. We put our shoes by the fireplace on the night of the Dec.5th and then that night St. Nick puts little presents in the shoes. It's a European holiday. I guess Matthew is a little young for it. I just really love it. We grew up doing it, my husband thinks it's odd, but that's ok. :)