Sunday, December 16, 2007

Signs of the times...

You may remember that Matthew has learned to sign "bottle." This morning when he woke up I was still beat, so I gave him a toy hoping he would play and I could rest for a few more minutes. He looked at the toy, looked at me, and then started signing like crazy for a bottle! No tricking this one! Then tonight at dinner he finally started signing for "more!" Must have been those oh-so-delicious dried sweet corn snacks that pushed him over the edge! It is really cute because he gets a little excited and starts the sign for bottle and then works his way into the sign for more.

We had a busy weekend, so I don't have new photos to post. I finally watched The Notebook for the 1st time. A little late, huh? I usually don't watch love stories...they WRECK me...I get so into the movie & characters that it's like my heart is ripped out of my chest and is sitting next to me...completely exposed...waiting to be pummeled by the story's rollercoaster of emotions. Scott already said I shouldn't watch The Notebook again...guess I'll just stick with Nacho Libre. So anyway here are some old videos I dug up of Mateo!


Being a turkey on Thanksgiving Day at Grandma Goff's


Now this one is rated E for EXCITEMENT! Don't blink or you might miss the hint of a grin on Matthew's face!


Rebecca said...

COOL! I didn't know you did sign language with Matthew!!! I did that with Grant too (before he got more verbal). His sign for more was pointing his index finger into the palm of his other hand. It was SOOOO cute when he did that. :) How can you say no when they're doing their little sign for something!!!! Know what I mean??!!

Those videos were the cutest. Matthew looks very interested in the ride - not thrilled, just kind of trying to figure it all out. Haha. I did catch the little smile though!! And the one of him being hammy was so fun. I love when you can see that side of their personality coming out - the "look at me, I'm funny!!" side!!

jen said...

That is awesome about the signing! I can't wait till Andy starts. I think he knows "milk" but hasn't done it yet, because he gets a big smile when I do it (the boy does love his food!). Congrats! You have a little genius there. I love the video on the ride - he is like "What is happening to me?" I loved seeing you with him in the first video - what a big personality Matthew has!


Ann said...

those are so cute and I saw it, I saw the grin!!!

Sherry said...

That was a quick grin but I saw it! Good luck with the signing! Kobi does the very practical sign for bear (?? beats me) & milk. It really does help:)

Yvonne Crawford said...

That is the coolest thing every about the signing. I think it's so good for him to tell you what he wants. So neat!!! You go with your great mother skills!!!