Monday, December 10, 2007

Designer's Challenge

Token baby shot to appease my mom! In PJs from GA Theresa!
Family room (we do have blinds now!)

Uhhh...Matthew's playroom? Dancing with the Stars Practice Room? Or Living/Dining Room?

We moved into our new home the day we accepted Matthew's referral, so home decorating has taken a back seat to the adoption...and to being a mama. The family room and kitchen are really the only rooms somewhat finished, so I have my work cut out for me. Not only do I need to think about furniture but, as you can see from the photos, wall paint. The paint is going to be a huge job because the rooms flow and have some different architectural features...and I better stop on that because it makes my head spin! From where I stood to take the photo of the family room is the same location I stood to photograph the Living/ you can see from one into the other.
SO...all you HGTV fans, I am accepting any ideas! I like the styles of West Elm (Store) and Nicole Sassaman (Designer). I like muted colors...the way a spa feels. I was thinking of an off-white leather couch for the LR and a espresso colored dining table for the DR. But I am also on a budget since we still have another (or maybe many more!) adoption to pay for! So if any of the 50+ people who visit daily love to decorate, please share your talent!


Rebecca said...

Ooooooh betcha knew I'd be commenting on this one. :)

Here's what I would do... I would start by painting all of the white taupe to warm it up. Taupe is a very tricky color in large spaces (alot of them look too yellow or dingy). Tried and tested by me: 2 colors I love are by Eddie Bauer (American Tradition paint at Lowe's), they're called "Linen" and "Cattail". Both colors are warm but very crisp and look good in all different lighting. I would recommend Linen for your house - it's a little lighter than Cattail, and I think it would fit with your house better.

Then you pick 2 accent colors. Looking at your things now... I'm going to suggest something with a chocolate brown. How about a very muted gray-blue?? The "Linen" color would look amazing with gray-blue (those are the 2 colors I used in Andy's home office). The gray-blue I used was also by Eddie Bauer, called "Mercer Blue" - it's a great color but I would recommend something a little lighter and more muted for you.

The wall by the table in the eat-in kitchen (where the row of paintings are hanging), paint that one of those colors (say the gray-blue). Do window treatments in the kitchen that have the taupe, blue and chocolate colors (maybe a stripe?) and use the blue & chocolate to accent in the kitchen. (I would love to see your cabinets black with pewter hardware too, but that would be a lot of painting!!) :) For your family room, I would also paint the fireplace wall gray-blue and then do window treatments in the same type as the kitchen. I'm thinking a very light, loose window treatment that would just hang on either side of the window and maybe puddle a little on the floor?? And paint the mantel BLACK.

For the living/dining... I would just keep the walls the Linen color because you have the architectural details to break it up. Just use the chocolate brown and gray-blue to accent throughout... don't forget to use black too... things like your table centerpiece (an espresso table would look awesome!), pillows on your couch, rugs, artwork on your walls, etc. If you keep the colors consistent, one room to the next will kind of flow and feel seamless.

Just my two cents. :) Wish I didn't live so darn far, I would love to help you with this!!

Ann said...

Your house looks like a designer house compared to ours. I'm so jealous. Ours looks so ratty next to yours....:0)

I'm with Rebecca, the first thing I thought of was dark taupe for that room. We also have the same problem with paint because our walls run together in some rooms. But I'm into faux painting and with some of the textures type paints you can blend them from one room to another. Besides that though I'm clueless, but I can't wait to see how it all comes out.

Sherry said...

Your house is beautiful! I see what you mean about every room running into the next. I would start searching online "Pictures of Luxury Hotels" etc... just to get ideas of what you like. I'd type up things like The Westin NYC or Jumeirah Essex House. You should check out this room at the Bellagio... , its beautiful! Oh & watch tons of movies (laughing as I say this...) but Im serious! Watch Mr & Mrs Smith with baby Matthew:) If you actually look at the set/ house they are living in then it might inspire! I just watched it & now my poor Matthew is getting a new master bedroom. (Not Joking... the oriental rug has just been ordered! LOL!) Good luck choosing colors for the walls & furniture! Thats always fun... you know... pulling paper paint samples out of babies mouth while you stare at the same blank wall for 2 hrs:) Hehehe!