Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Come and listen...

I wanted to post a video of our adoption for Thanskgiving...but that didn't quite happen as hoped considering I remembered it the night before around 10:00pm! Then time slipped away from me while preparing for Christmas...but I wanted to make sure and post it this week because as I reflect on 2007 and what a BIG year it has been for us (Scott's 1st year of full time self-employment, a new home, working on 2 adoptions, the arrival of sweet Matthew, and the passing of our Pa), I am in awe of how faithful God has been through it all. Sometimes gently leading us...sometimes carrying us...and all the time loving us.

OOPS! I'm not sure why the right side of my video is cut off when shown on the blog...I'll figure it out later...gonna go hang out with my husband now.


Yvonne Crawford said...

What an amazing year for you! So much going on. Is there any news on possible date for you baby from China? Are things speeding up yet?

Hugs to Matthew and I wish you all a great New Year!


stefanie said...

your editing and html skills are constantly improving.
i love the video
and i love you
cant wait to come visit!

jen said...

Tish, that was so beautiful and touching! Makes me want to go back to Taiwan now! I kept smiling while watching and saying over and over "Matthew is so cute!" because he is! And it really shows how much he's grown. What amazing gifts God has brought to our families this year!


Rebecca said...

Beautiful video Tish!! That made me cry! What a precious journey it is to bring our children home. Thank you for sharing yours with us!!