Wednesday, December 5, 2007


(I'm going to get my hair done today and taking this photo to the stylist)

RE: Matthew's atopic dermatitis - His skin is looking better since we started running the humidifier, using Aquaphor, and cutting back on baths. Since I went gangbusters and tried all remedies at once, I can't tell you which is the secret weapon!

RE: Matthew's super soaked diapers - At the recommendation of a few wise mamas I started double diapering him at night. Most mornings I find him with dry sheets, so that is great! During the day if we are out at a place where changing him isn't easy or sanitary, I sometimes still end up with a wet shirt if I am carrying him...even if he is wearing plastic pants over his diaper. But who has the money to double diaper your baby 100 times a day, so I will settle for doing extra laundry.

RE: Matthew's disinterest in doing hand movements to songs - It continues. He is flat out unconcerned about any spider going up a water spout. While he is starting to point, he finds no pleasure in clapping.

RE: Matthew's teeth - Still none.

RE: Matthew's talking - He continues to say "dada" indiscriminitely. It also seems as if has learned a variety of other sounds which he practices a lot. We think he sounds like The Cheat on Homestar Runner. He is very talkative in the morning!


Sherry said...

Hey Tish! I can say with Kobi's diaper I have to change it every night (around 12 & when he's sleeping) or he'll pee right through it! Good luck in that department! Im a night owl anyway so being up at 12 AM is not unusual... for me. Oh & Kobi still takes a morning nap (an hour or two after he wakes up & gets a sippy cup then... NO BOTTLES!) I threw them away after his 1st birthday.

As far as your comment on getting Kobi to bed by 8 every night. He's a big sleeper & even if hes hyped up on his baby crack (sugar) then he still gets "self-reflection" time in the crib til he goes to sleep on his own. LOL! I may not look it but Im overly strict when it comes to bed time! LOL! As far as products for curly hair... my sister has got extreme curl & she uses Bed Head products. I'll find out which ones for ya. Have fun getting your hair done today!

PS Id leave the picture at home. Hehehe!

Yvonne Crawford said...

I have never tried double diapering. I don't think I can - Mia is too old and wouldn't go for it. Hopefully we will start potty training right after the holidays and this will all be a thing of the past and I will move on to other issues...I wish I had more info. Lately we do what Sherry said. Before we go to bed around 12 or 1, we change her. That has almost solved our night problem.

Matthew is so cute! And I'm glad his skin is doing better.


Rebecca said...

So how did the haircut go?? :)

Glad to hear the dermatitis is getting better. A humidifier can do wonders.


PS I just realized you must be cloth diapering...