Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ghetto Christmas Parade

All bundled up!
Playing among the luminarias before the parade.

Tonight we walked up to our "Main Street" to watch the town Christmas Parade. Matthew was waving and waving. Some of the highlights were the Waste Collection trucks and a long line of low-riders decorated with lights. One "float" was a big truck full of girls listening to a Fergie-sounding song. I thought they were going to jump out and Ghost Ride da Whip (if you are unschooled in da Whip, just search it on youtube). There wasn't even a Santa...but did I mention all the low-riders??? We love, love, love our town...and what the parade lacked in class, they made up for in candy. Lots and lots of candy! Scott started picking some up and then that was all Matthew wanted to do. So we came home, put the baby to bed, and had a festive dinner of popcorn, Chips Ahoy, egg nog and parade candy!


Yvonne Crawford said...

What a fun time you guys had. I love parades!! Matthew looks so cute in that first picture all bundled up. You know it was shorts weather here today. I thought about turning on my air conditioner. I'm jealous of your weather!


Rebecca said...

Hahahaha!! Sounds like one of our parades (only we would have tractors, combines, etc. in our parade along with the low-riders!!) Small-town life is the best.

Kudos on the nutritious dinner!!! :)


Sherry said...

Awww... Matthew is one fine "Ghetto Cutie"! I saw nothing wrong with your dinner... is that not normal? Hehehe!