Friday, December 14, 2007

A far cry from Baby Gap

Who dressed this kid?

When I was BK (before kids, not Burger King...although I love the smell of a Whopper) and I would see a kid who was in mis-matched clothes I would wonder "Why didn't the mom just take the time to put on clothes that match?" naive I was. Now I understand that while the pajama top might make it through the night, the pajama bottoms might not....or while the jeans might make it through lunch, the sweatshirt might not...and so unless the baby's whole wardrobe is Garanimal-ized, you end up with clean clothes that don't quite go together. But mostly you end up not really caring.
BTW, does anyone know how to rotate photos in Blogger?


jen said...

I've never rotated pics on blogger - Windows explorer lets you do it pretty easily


Rebecca said...

I think you have to rotate them before you upload them. :)

I laughed so hard at this post - because I could totally relate to it!! My goodness, it can get tricky. Grant's always spilling things on himself, it's just a miracle if he has a shirt and pants clean that HAPPEN to match. And like, you, I don't really care (as long as he looks dapper at church and at Christmas parties! There I draw the line!!) :)


Ann said...

I love his outfit, seriously it's super cute!!

You have to rotate the pictures before you upload to blogger.