Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ok, so after our trip to the science museum I decided to make a toy for Matthew. We trekked over to the hardware store...which is a little slice of heaven for a baby boy...and picked up the necessary items. It's pretty much just a board with hinges and such on it...but good for hands-on fun!

In a previous post I mentioned the stack o' books we keep at our kitchen table. Here is a photo of our stash which includes 4 real books, a book that M and I made using photos from a Buckner brochure, and the info sheet for the child we sponsor through Compassion Int. We read from/talk about these at both breakfast and lunch. If you have any questions about the books, let me know!
Scott UPdate:
Me: You want a piece of licorice? It's stale.
Scott: Yeah.
Me: Yes, even though it's stale?
Scott: That just means it's aged to perfection.

After viewing a preview of Akeelah and the Bee, Scott declared, "Babes, that makes me not want to use spell checker ever again...EVER!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

What a good mama you are.

Hauswife said...

Look how crafty you are, Tish! That's a great idea. Hey, if you've got any stale, leftover licorice send it on over. :)

Rebecca said...

Cool toy!!! I might try and make one for Grant. Did you get instructions anywhere?

The books look really cool. I like the idea of doing that at mealtime. They are a captive audience for awhile. :)


Rebecca said...

P.S. Scott is a funny guy. :)

Kimi said...

What a wonderful idea....we might just have to make a trip to Lowes and make one of these for Mr. Max....He will LOVE it!

Have a blessed day,

Andrea said...

I'd like to place an order for 5,please.

Oh! and you do realize that if you teach him to undo all the locks...You can't keep him inside the house.........

Just kidding! That made me laugh.
You were freaking out a little, Weren't ya? Scott's a funny little gomer!

Kimi said...

Hey Tish,

I would love to send you an invite to Lulu's personal blog. I wish I didn't have to keep it private but our agency requires it...but since you are now my friend :-), if you will leave me your email address that you use to sign on to your blogger I will add you. You can comment me with your email address...I will not publish it to keep your email info private.

Thanks for your sweet comments!

Beverly said...

Very clever toy!! Love the books too.

Kimi said...

Hey Tish,

I just added you to Vivi's private blog...I didn't need your password...I didn't publish is officially deleted.

Have a fabulous day!