Friday, July 11, 2008

Smooch arrives!

We had a great first day with Smooch...lunch at a deli, playing in the fountain, saying "poke" a lot!

In the evening she and I snuck off to attend my church's special service for college age kids. It's held in an old theatre in the university area and, while I am well past college age, I had a blast. What a great thing to see so many young adults choosing to worship God on a Thursday night rather than getting drunk at a bar. They rock!

So here are some photos...the fountain also lets out crazy steam, so the pics look a little hazy:


Rebecca said...

OK the red glasses are awesome... are those yours or Smooch's?

The fountain looks fun! Perfect for a hot sunny day. :) Glad you guys are having fun. Wish I could have snuck off with you to the college service... I would have loved that. :)

Love ya girlfriend!


Rebecca said...

P.S. That picture slideshow thing is so cool. I need to start using that & save my Blogger space!!!

Tami said...

I love seeing pictures of Matthew! As I watched the slideshow, the ones where he has his hands outsretched looks like he's orchestrating and/or "willing" the steam to rise with his magical powers! So cute;-).

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Looks like fun!

Yvonne Crawford said...

YAY Smooch! That name just makes me laugh. And I'm with Rebecca I need to use a slideshow too.

kari said...

isn't being with family- the besttt {ok, had to add a little nacho in there}!

M is looking like a little giant in some of the photos!!