Friday, July 18, 2008

A Rockstar and A Superstar

A Rockstar: Here are pics of M rockin' out (literally) as he found a bunch of rocks to play with outside the restaurant.

A Superstar: Or maybe I should say "Suuupahstaaaah"...I had the GREAT PLEASURE of speaking with Andrea on the phone today and, let me tell you, I will never read her posts the same way again! Andrea has a thick Southern Belle accent that cracked me up from the moment she said her first word. As she spoke I could almost see the passionate expressions forming on her lovely face. Her voice is etched in my mind...a sweet reminder of a sweet woman.

Andrea is a go-to girl. If you have questions, this mama has answers. She is well-read and muy intelligente with an extra dose of common sense...but my two fave things about Andrea are her heart and her humility. Oh, THREE things...and that she's not above laughing at her kids when they're in the middle of a "throw down!"


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

M looks so cute in the Tiny Rock Star T!

Off to check out Andrea's site. Anyone with a thick Southern accent is super cool!

Andrea said...

OK! How much do I love you?!


I enjoyed the heck out of you,too!


Yvonne Crawford said...

Andrea is awesome!!! :)

And Mia is throwing tantrums - but only for what 3 hours a day over yogurt and muffins! AHGGHGGHGHGH!!

Matthew is just a complete doll!!! I love all of the pictures of him!

Rebecca said...

I love Andrea too!! She is so cool. She talked me back into homeschooling when I was about ready to throw in the towel!!! :) The southern accent won me over!! :)

Love the pics of M. :) That is the cutest shirt.