Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Show & Tell....well, maybe Tell & Tell

Anyone want to share special & fun activities they do (or plan to do) to celebrate their child's adoption anniversary?


Rebecca said...

Just dreaming up some ideas...

- "King/Queen for a day" - they pick activities and maybe the restaurant to go out for dinner, or their favorite homemade meal?

- After dinner, some type of cultural celebration (like a tea ceremony?) I would like for Owen to grow up knowing the tea ceremony as it's an important part of Chinese culture.

- A re-telling of the adoption story, along with looking through pictures, albums, etc. and remembering adoption day

- Cake!! :)

Thanks for all your AMAZING ideas on the update thing today! That comment is a keeper!!!!


Kerry said...

When I was in Taiwan, I got 18 gifts, one for each Family Day. I hope that our ritual will include reading her lifebook and talking about her early life in Taiwan. I also would like to be able to have her write a letter or some questions to send to her birth mother. And of course, a special Chinese dinner and cake! That sounds like a lot for one day, doesn't it?

Sounds like the museum was a hit. It's ok the have flexible naps sometimes, too, even if it screws things up a bit. :)

Barbie said...

Hannah's 3rd Gotcha Day is coming up in September. Wow, time flies!! Each year we go out for Chinese food with family and then come home and watch Gotcha Day videos, look at pictures and have dessert. We try to make it very special but not over the top.