Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little story

Tonight Scott was at The Truth Project, so I took M to a fast food place for dinner. I usually never go to fast food because it yucks me out. The whole time M was eating his chicken nuggets, I was shoveling sweet potatoes (from home) in his mouth hoping the good would defeat the bad. However, this place has an outdoor play area that I thought M might like (read: wear himself out at).

This play area has those big tube things that you crawl into and slide out of, but M was pretty content putting his car in and out of the shoe cubbies. And I was content watching him. my surprise, he started crawling up one of the tubes. I figured I better go after him since he has never attempted anything like this before, so I threw the diaper bag over my shoulder and headed his way. I knew that by the time I reached him, he would have changed his mind and headed back out. Shows what I know.

So in I went after him. Now is the time I will mention my claustrophobia. And the suffocating heat that consumes a tube toy in the desert. And M in front of me moving quite slowly...and two little girls behind me squealing very loudly. And a diaper bag strap around my neck.

I was starting to sweat. My eyes darted around the tubes looking for air vents. How much longer til we get to the slide? Where is the slide???? Will the parents understand if I throw these girls out of my way to get back to the entrance? To get back to air? I was inching closer and closer to panic. Who am I kidding....I was sprinting to panic.

And then...the slide!!!!! Relief overcame me. I plopped M on my lap and we slid out into glorious sunshine and fresh air. Matthew had a huge grin on his face as I set him on the ground, and then he darted back to the entry tube.

So I did what any mama would do...took a deep breath and followed him back in.

edited2add: I should note that just because we don't eat fast food doesn't mean we don't eat junk food. We are definitely not health nuts as evidenced by the stock I own in Little Debbie.


Andrea said...

This is a great story. I REALLY wish I had been there to see you go into that slide. :)
I'm glad Matthew had a good time.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Oh my gosh! That is too funny. I am with you on the tight spaces. Sounds like M was quite brave and you were super mom!

I love that you brought sweet potatoes. How funny. I am all for some occasional fast food with the kids. Those play places are too fun to passs up.

Tami said...

I can definitely relate as I'm a bit claustrophobic too, and even worse, I hate heights! Too funny.....

Way to push through it...all I can say is you're an AWESOME mom!!!!

Just Us said...

Great writing there mamma..I was in suspense wondering what you would do and could visualize you in the tube freaking out looking for air. Way to go. Seriously though, the things parents do to make their kids happy : )

dan and rachel said...

i'm not a fan of tight spaces either. i started feeling a little suffocated just reading your description, especially when you mention the heat *on top* of the tight space. yuck! good for you for going through again! :) you're a braver woman than i.

Rebecca said...

Ok... I am choking on my Lindt double milk chocolate because I'm laughing so hard. You are such a trip!! I can just see you knocking kids out of your way as you claw towards the entrance. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Glad it didn't come to that...

So funny that you would happily eat Twinkies for breakfast but are grossed out by chicken nuggets. :) I am all about some fries & a burger now and then... I just pray over it, and then try not to think about what's in it. :)

Love ya.


Jenna said...

That is hysterical. Sorry that happened, but thanks for sharing! :) I have SO been there- especially with the kids climbing up behind you. It's no wonder Sawyer won't go NEAR those things. Kids get on them and they trample over you. It is NOT fun, but it was fun-ny to hear about YOUR experience! :)

Spoken like a true mom too- the things we do for our kids!!!

Dianne said...

That is funny!! I never would have been able to climb in there.

Sherry said...

Your so funny girl! Love the story! As a total claustrophobic myself I would have just let kiddo find his own way out and after 10 mins sent in one of the screaming little girls to fish him out. Hehe! You did great... those tubes are scary. Way to be tough!