Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bringin' on the tricks!

Matthew is in serious trick-mode this week. New skills include spinning in a circle, nodding his head to say "yes" (which sometimes looks like a drunk chicken move) and biting! OK, so biting isn't really a trick...but it is something new he has been practicing...on me! He never does it in anger; he just finds my skin between his teeth and goes to town.

This clip is about a minute long...which is really like 3 hours when you are watching a baby spin round and round and round. But I don't have time to do a grandparent video AND a regular reader video. He does nod his head at the end of the clip if you want to fast forward.

On an unrelated but beautiful note, recently I posted in my "About Me" section that when I read about leperous persons in the Bible I wonder if, upon meeting one, I would love so unselfishly that I would give him/her a great big bear hug...the kind everyone needs now and then. A pretty random thought I guess.

Well...in Red Letters there is an excerpt written by a lady who visited two leper colonies:

The lepers bowed to us in humility, clasping their nubbed fingers together in a sign of respect. As we were faced with the choice of whether or not to shake the nubby hands, no one on the team held back. I can't describe how it feels to clasp the disfigured hand of a leper. It feels like love in a way I have never felt before. We all know that our Father would hold these people in His arms. We wanted to be Him to these people who needed to know His love.

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Every time I read this account, I just long for Jesus to love through me. Oh, another sidenote...if you don't know about the Dalits, click here to learn about this people group deemed "untouchable." The "Facts about Dalits" link is a good starting place.


stefanie said...

that made me laugh hard and aloud which was dangerous since mom and dad are sleeping. can't wait to see him spin in like 36 hours!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

You are so encouraging. I'll check out this blog.