Wednesday, July 16, 2008

China's "Wait" Problem

We have been LID to China for just shy of 2 years (LID 8-10-06) and, at the rate things are going, it could be another 2-3 years for referral. Actually, I really don't mind that the wait has increased IF it means that children are not being abandoned, Chinese families are adopting domestically, etc. It bothers me only to think of littles in orphanages just waiting, waiting, waiting.

Scott and I have recently begun talking more about our family...and our China wait. In our minds, we would like to have another child sooner than the possible 3 years we are looking at, but we know that it is all in God's hands.

I was praying about it this morning...seeking God's will...and I realize that while there seem to be so many options (wait for China, switch to China SN, go back to Taiwan, look into another country including the US, etc), I don't want to limit God. He could indeed say M is our only child...or He could have some amazing plan that, at this point, I can't even fathom.

I checked Tami's blog this morning and seeing photos of her sons playing made my heart long for a brother for Matthew, but what I long for most is God's best for our family.


Kimi said...

Hi Tish....I am stalking you again today. I enjoy your blog and have to stop by often.

Question??? Where did you get Matthew's black t-shirt with the BIG #1 on it? I LOVE it!!! and the t-shirt blaming the dog? SO cute! I noticed that Matthew and Max have the same cap (the one in your previous post)....I adore that cap, Max wears his a lot.

Thanks and have a beautiful day,

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I am so with you. Been having similar thoughts lately as well. We are LID 10-27-06, but want to have three children as well. I too have been considering the options. I know God put us on the China road, which has led to MANY blessings, but I am open to wherever our adoption calling leads.

Andrea said...

Pray about it, BUT DO NOT PULL OUT OF YOUR L-I-D! Only the Chinese Gov. knows the real reasons for the delay in sending. I was THERE, and I am here to tell you there ARE NOT less children and THERE ARE NOT more domestic adoptions and THERE ARE NOT fewer babies being abandoned. This is a way of life there. It did not stop overnight. Things will pick back up-they have to. Meanwhile these girls wait. One of them is waiting for you.



Rebecca said...

Andrea is right. Those who have traveled and see with their own eyes tell a different tale, than what the gov't is saying. It is all about saving face there.

Maybe things will speed up. Maybe they won't. Even these things are not outside of God's perfect plan. He holds the hearts of kings in His hands, directing them wherever He wishes, the Bible says. That is comforting. Little does the CCAA and Chinese gov't know, they are tools in the hand of God even though they do not acknowledge Him!!! God is amazing!!!!!

Maybe the Lord wants you to think about another interim adoption. There are so many little ones who wait for families. Did you see Andrea's blog? My heart has been breaking thinking of the older children, who are in pain because they were never chosen. And while my heart is breaking I'm crying, Lord, come back quickly and make this all right again! There is so much pain & injustice in this world, and one just can't do enough.

Praying for you & Scott as you talk through this.


M & M Girls said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Sorry to see that the wait for China seems to be ever growing.... It is my hope (and everyones') that things will change after the O' games this fall in China. I do for your sake and all the other families waiting and especially for the countless children waiting. I have two little blessings, one who was born in Vietnam - the second born in China (home in 2006). I waited exactly 1 year for my referral from China.

Stay busy and keep reading blogs.
Mommy to The M and M Girls

Jenna said...

We're praying the very same sorts of things right along with you- we've got our LID, Lord. What now? In light of the wait, what is Your plan for us?

I simply can't wait to see how things are in the China adoption world when the Olympics are over and the eyes of the world are no longer on China.

It is most encouraging though to know that it is all in God's hands, not in China's hands as Rebecca said. That's what I have to keep reminding myself: I'm waiting for God to show us where our child is. I am NOT waiting on China! That helps me on the days when I am discouraged!