Thursday, July 17, 2008


M and I stopped by the Shaved Ice Shack today to escape the heat and were served by an adorable young lady named Jin. She asked about Matthew and shared her own adoption story. Jin entered an orphanage at the age of 4 along with her younger brother. They were adopted together when she was 7.

While she eagerly expressed her love for her family and her happiness about being adopted, you could tell just from looking at her she is one joyful kid.

So our shack stop was quite refreshing...for the palate...and for the heart!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

That is a cool experience!

Andrea said...

Girl! This was a blessing to me.
I needed to hear this, today.


Rebecca said...

So nice to hear this happy adoption story!!!

I almost wonder if older children are happier about being adopted...??? Because they understand what a family is, and what they are missing... and they remember what life was like before being adopted. Of course I'm speaking in generalizations, but it's interesting. Just something I've been mulling over lately especially after reading the post on Andrea's blog (about the older kids).

Love ya,

Jenna said...

I love it when encouragement comes along when you weren't expecting it and when you didn't even know you needed it! Glad it was a refreshing visit all around!

Just Us said...

Yummm..shave ice..a perfect thing for a hot summer. What a nice story. Kristie